This is the place for connection. Fascinating places to visit and explore.

This is the website of my mentor Susun S. Weed. Herbal Medicine and Spirit Healing the Wise Woman Way, 500+ Pages of Alternative Health Resources for Women

These are the websites of the International College of Herbal Medicine and my teacher Isla Burgess from New Zealand. An on-line herbal school, plant profiles, and helpful information about health and herbs.

Focused on Women's Mysteries and Goddess spirituality, but inclusive of all women's spiritual paths, The Beltane Papers is published by an all volunteer, feminist, egalitarian group of women who work out of their homes from Coast to Coast in the USA, as a conscious experiment in women working together for a common goal. Flexibility, change and developing spiritual awareness are part of our lives. I have been writing my column, The Wise Woman's Garden, in this magazine for at least six years now.

Earth Art International
You will find the incredible art of Sue Coccia on this website. Her intricate totem drawing are sacred and dear. She has all kinds of ways to purchase her art, prints, t-shirts, magnets and now jewelry.

RavenCroft Garden
RavenCroft Garden

“RavenCroft Garden is a rare gem in the midst of surrounding city, suburban and rural landscapes. We are an Educational Center, Connecting People Plants and the Earth.”

Eaglesong and Sally King of Ravencroft are such great teachers and friends for me on the spiral path of the Wise Woman.

Women of Wisdom

Women of Wisdom
This is the website of an incredible women’s organization. They have an annual conference in February that is outstanding (this year 2/23-26). I have attended many wonderful workshops at this conference and made many friends there. I will be teaching a class and selling my herbal products this year. I am currently sitting on the women of wisdom council.

Learning Herbs
Family Herbal Remedies

“I met John Gallagher at the Northwest Herbal Faire. He sells kits for creating your own herbal remedies and explains them so simply. I really like what he is doing and I think his websites are great!”

Fairy Congress

“A gathering of humans and fairies to improve relations & assist each other in planetary healing. The Fairy & Human Relations Congress is a unique and special event. Humans, fairies, devas, angels and spiritual beings come together to create an outpouring of communication, education and celebration. This is an incredible gathering unlike any other I have attended. So sweet and incredibly deep.”

World Peace Emerging
World Peace Emerging is an online resource directory showcasing the thousands of projects worldwide sharing the vision of a common good. This is a beautiful site with stories and connections that will inspire you.

Wonder Works Studio
This is the website of prosperity teacher Toni Stone. She has taught me to stand fully grounded in creating my life’s work. Her books and CD are wonderful.

goddess athena

" Images of the Gods created by those who venerated the Gods" Joseph Kleinman makes beautiful wearable art pieces from ancient coins, including one of Kore (Persephone) and the Goddess Athena(pictured above)

Visit this wonderful website where Nature shares her passion and joyfulness about the earth. Nature is an incredible singer/songwriter, gardener/ landscaper and lover of Earth.


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