Crow's Laughter is a mystery school that teaches wise woman ways of self-love and nourishment. We facilitate the exploration of inner nature and its mirror in the natural world. We do this through connection with earth and body wisdom, herbal crafting, shamanic journeying, deep listening and simple ritual.

2013 Offerings

Women and Plants ~ Shamanic Herbal

Apprenticeship Program

Herbal Wisdom Circle, Journey of the Rose

Herbal Wisdom Mentorships for Children

and Teens

Six Month Shamanic Mentorships-Individual Sessions

Home Study Courses in Shamanic Herbalism and Propserity Consciousness

Prosperity Groups and Coaching

Cultivating a Beautiful Life through

Connection with the Plants

Our Mystery School offers a Shamanic Herbal Apprenticeship Program, a monthly Herbal Wisdom Circle, Home Study Courses, Individual Sessions in Seattle and at our farm, Prosperity Groups, Proserity Coaching Sessions and Shamanic Herbal Teachings by phone and Herbal Wisdom Mentorships for Children and Teens.

We also offer many classes in Seattle and around Puget Sound. 

We teach listening as a way gain access to the abundant wisdom in nature. This listening practices offered are ancient and come through from the shamanic realm of the unseen. 

Come join us and see through new eyes, see beyond what can be seen. 

Peace and Green Blessings,
Julie Charette Nunn, Crow's Daughter

Crow's Daughter

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