Crow’s Daughter’s Earthly Goods

offers herbal creations hand-craftedin the Wise Woman Tradition. 

It is our belief thatself-love, self-healing, and care of Mother Earth

are essential for creating peace in the world.




Nourishing Herbal Infusions Available:

Organic Stinging Nettle...$29/lb...$10/4 oz.

Wildcrafted Stinging Nettle...Email us for availability and prices

Organic Oatstraw...$25/lb...$9/4 oz.

Garden Oatstraw...Email us for availability.

Organic Comfrey...$39/lb...$12.50/4 oz. (Email us for availability)

Wildcrafted Rose Hip...Email us for availability

Nourishing Herbal Vinegars ~ $13

Order Vinegars through PayPal

with this link:

Order all vinegars with this link.  Let us know which ones you would like in a seperate email. 

Wild Rose Hips

Dandelion Root-coming in fall 2015

Burdock Root- Coming in Fall 2015)

Douglas Fir

Stinging Nettle-Coming by May 2015

You may also call, 360-579-2319 and give us your credit/debit card number.  Thank you.



Nourishing Herbal Infusions And Vinegars
Ordering information above.  Thanks.

Nourishing Body Art
Healing Salves & Beautiful Lotions, Nourishing Body Tonics

Herbal Tinctures
Made with Organic Alcohol

Kefir Culture
Milk bacteria culture that lasts for generations

Herbal and Healing Books

More Special

Coming Soon!

Our herbal creations are handcrafted from organic, sustainably grown

and wildcrafted herbs. As we gather and craft these products for you,

we sing and offer gratitude to Mother Earth and her green nations.

May it be in Beauty. ~ Julie Charette Nunn, Crow’s Daughter

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