Herbal Tinctures

herbal tinctures

Our herbal tinctures

are made with fresh sustainably grown and wildcrafted herbs and organic alcohol.  

I gather the plants when they offer forth their most potent medicine. Tinctures are traditionally taken internally, one drop to a dropper full at a time. 

1 ounce Herbal Tinctures ~ $13

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Hawthorne Flower

Cratagus monogyna


Leonurus cardiaca

St. Joan's Wort

Hypericum perforatum

This beautiful tincture is a tonic for the heart. It knows just what the heart needs, speeding up or slowing down. Anyone who's heart is ailing, whether physically, emotionally or spiritually can benefit from its affects. It can also be used as a gentle uterine tonic, supporting sexuality and as a nerve tonic, calming hyperactivity and nervousness.

$13 ~ 1 ounce bottle

This tincture has helped me on many occasions. I use it when I am having one of those days where everything seems to be in chaos. It gently calms me bringing me to rest. Women have used this tonic with great effect during menopause to calm and reduce the effect of hot flashes. This plant is a "triple goddess" plant. it calms the heart, the uterus and nervous system.

$13 ~ 1 ounce bottle

I am so thankful for the benefits of this plant. It has helped me through some sad times, gently helping my nervous system adjust to change. I believe it helps those with depression because it is such an incredible life force tonic. I also use it when I have pain from working too long in the garden. It is very effect as an anti-viral herb and has helped those with herpes and shingles.Traditionally, this plant was a tonic for the liver.

$13 ~ 1 ounce bottle


Sweet Violet

Viola glabella


Echinacea purpurea


Lomatium nudicale

I have a wonderful connection with this plant. It will help us release sadness and embrace joy. I also use it when I have a headache. It seems to gently take the edge off the pain so I can relax more fully. There are many other uses for this plant, traditionally an anti-cancer/anti-tumor herb and very helpful tonic for the uterus. I have also heard of its use for upper respiratory issues.

$13 ~ 1 ounce bottle


November 21, 2012

Made from fresh organic root. My husband and I have used this plant for years to support our health when cold and flu come our way. I also use it when any infection is present as it gently and effective heals all infections. This plant is a must in any first aid kit.

$13 ~ 1 ounce bottle

This plant is anti-viral. 

I recently began using this plant when I had a cold. It so effectively and very gently eased the symtoms and my cold was gone within a few days. People have had very good results utilizng Lomatium for chronic lung conditions. It grows where I live on Whidbey Island. The native peoples used it for colds and sore throats but it also became the plant they chose when serious illnesses like tubeculosis arrived in their lands. It is a spiritual plant, given as an offering when one wanted to be listened to.

$13 ~ 1 ounce bottle

Wild Rose

Rosa nutkana

Dandelion Root

Taraxacum offinale

Dandelion Leaf

Taraxacum offinale

This plant has been my ally since I began to make tinctures. I use it in my Wild Flower Body Tonic, as it tones the skin. It also make a good anti-septic for cuts and scratches. I recently discovered that wild rose has been found to kill the cold virus. And rose is a gentle tonic for heart and womb.

$13 ~ 1 ounce bottle

This vigorous and vivacious plant is such a great ally. You can use it as a tonic for your gut as it contains inulin. It also is very effective for tonifying the liver. And also not spoken of too often, Dandelion will calm the nervous system, especially when we are "in our heads" alot.

$13 ~ 1 ounce bottle


I made a tincture of the dandelion leaf because I wanted to create a bitter tonic to aid digestion. This tincture will help to stimulate healthy digestion and also you metabolize more minerals from your food.

$13 ~ 1 ounce bottle


Lady's Mantle

Alchemilla vulgaris


Scutellaria lateriflora


Calendula officinalis

This is one of the only ovarian tonics. It is very helpful for menopausal women and will actually reduce flooding which can be a difficult issue. Our ovaries are the producers of new life forms and when we get older, help us live long healthy lives. Lady's Mantle's gentle alchemy support these processes.

$13 ~ 1 ounce bottle


I love this plant. When I was teaching school it helped me through many stressful times. It has a tonic and sedative affect on the nervous system. It really helps when there are too many thoughts. It will help us rest our minds and I have actually heard that it aids meditation.

$13 ~ 1 ounce bottle


This tincture can be used when you have digestive upset and haven't found anything else to soothe it. You can also use this plant for a wash after tooth brushing as it is a good healers for the gums. (Works great with Echinacea for this)

$13 ~ 1 ounce bottle


Valerian Root

Valeriana officianalis

Resting Blend

Motherwort, St. Joan's Wort, Scullcap, Dandelion and Chamomile

Any 10 ~ 1 ounce tinctures ~ $117.00

Email me which ones.

I know so many people that are benefitted by this plant. It is trully the best sedative herb I can think of, helping people to rest and sleep and also helps to relieve pain. Plain and simple, this plant works.

$13 ~ 1 ounce bottle


I have been making and selling this blend for a long time. I use it when I need to rest or sleep and my mind is just too busy.

Here is a testimonial:

"I wanted to let you know that both Gil and I tried the resting blend last night. Gil is who I bought it for, he is a tough one when it comes to remedies for sleep and tonight he said "buy a hold case of that stuff!" It worked and worked well for him. Having dreams is the trigger that reveals that he was able to relax and get into that rem sleep that is restful and nourishing. For me it helped me relax and drift off so nicely. Sometimes you're so tired that you can't get to sleep?! That is what this week has been like and this was a gentle helper." ~ Niobe Weaver, singer and recording artist

$13 ~ 1 ounce bottle




Usnea Lichen

Usnea longissima

Devil's Club

Oplopanax horridum

Stinging Nettle

Urtica dioica

This native plant can be utilized when you have a sinus infection or any type of bacterial infection.  Its effectiveness will not kill beneficial bacteria in your gut.

$13 ~ 1 ounce bottle


This spirit gateway plant has been utilized traditionally to open pathways to deep healing.  It will help those that are dancing with Type 2 diabetes and other blood sugar issues, arthritis, cold and flu. People have use it with great success who have depleted energy from stressful lifestyles.

$13 ~ 1 ounce bottle



Stinging Nettle tincture will help support your body to deal effectively with allergies.  It offers tonification to your thyroid and will help reduce pain due to inflammation of joints and muscles.

$13 ~ 1 ounce bottle




Solidago canadensis

Milk Thistle

Silybum marianum


Althea officianalis

$13 ~ 1 ounce bottle
$13 ~ 1 ounce bottle
$13 ~ 1 ounce bottle


Wild Rose Hips

Rosa spp.

Milky Oat Seed

Avena sativa

Oregon Grape Root

Mahonia nervosa

$13 ~ 1 ounce bottle
$13 ~ 1 ounce bottle
$13 ~ 1 ounce bottle





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