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These beautiful, hand-crafted herbal creations

offer gentle support and enhance well-being.

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Ease Your Pain Salve

Eases pain and soothes sore muscles, stiffness, arthritis and stress, supports deep relaxation. St. John’s Wort buds and flowers, Cottonwood buds, Dandelion flowers, Artemesia vulgaris leaf and flower, Alder leaf and Comfrey leaf and/or root infused in organic olive oil, essential oil of birch and local bees wax.

$15 for 2 ounce jar

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Mama Earth Ointment

This is a gentle and yet very effective healer for minor wounds as well as chronic skin conditions. It is incredibly softening for skin. This gentle ointment heals diaper rash quickly and completely. It makes a wonderful first aid salve. Plantain leaf, Calendula blossoms, Comfrey leaf and/or root, and Wild Rose leaf and flower infused in organic olive oil and bees wax.

$15 for 2 ounce jar

Persephone's Anointment

Deeply healing for the skin as well as for nerves and muscles, this ointment will heal anything. Each time we make this deep healing ointment it is a little different. Cottonwood bud, St. Joan's Wort, and Wild Rose are always included. Email us for what's in our current batch. We infuse this ointment on the moon, and thus it offers deep healing for the inward journey into the depths of the underworld.

$15 for 2 ounce jar


Dandelion ~Lavender

Massage Lotion

A beautiful, bright, yellow lotion to soothe sore muscles and nerves and nourish your skin.

Very moisturizing. Promotes the flow of energy and enlivens the senses. Lavender and Dandelion flowers infused in organic olive oil, organic hydrosol and bees wax.

$15 for 2 ounce jar

Northwest Forest Lotion

The fragrance of the forest offers healing for hands and feet and nervous system. A connection with the spirit of the trees. Douglas fir,Western Red Cedar, Pine, Alder, wild rose and elderflower infused in organic olive oil, filtered water and bees wax.

$15 for 2 ounce jar


Wild Wild Rose Balm

Gently nourishes and softens your skin, heals wounds, and opens the heart to love. This balms has been effectively healing chronic skin conditions. Tastes delicious.
Wild Rose leaf and flower infused organic olive oil, wild rose petals infused in raw honey and bees wax.

$15 for 2 ounce jar

Wild Flower Body Tonic

Nourishes your skin. Heals blemishes and minor wounds, ease age lines, releases scarred tissue, replenishes skin overexposed to sun and enhances sensual pleasure. Extracts of Wild Rose, Elderflower, Dandelion flower, Calendula and Chickweed, filtered water, organic rose waterand organic

rose essential oil.

$15 for 4 ounce spray bottle

Lavender Body Splash

Calming and cooling, moisturizing and nourishing the skin. Extracts of lavender and chickweed, organic lavender hydrosol, filtered water and organic lavender essential oil.

$15 for 4 ounce spray bottle

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