Do you wish to enhance the quality of your life? Increase your well being?

Nourishing Herbal Infusions

offer the simplest and most connected ways to offer yourself optimum nourishment!

We offer you two choices: Organic and wildcrafted dry herbs

and Nourishing Herbal Vinegars. Scroll down for the Nourishng Herbal Vinegars.

When you order organic and wildcrafted dry herbs from us, you are ordering the best there is.
The herbs that we sell are beautiful, mostly hand-harvested and dried with care. The wildcrafted herbs are gathered with respectful permission of Mother Earth.

Stinging  Nettle

Urtica dioica
Organically grown

Available in August 2010

Email us for info on our 2010

Wildcrafted Nettle


Avena sativa

Organically grown



Red Clover

Trifolium pratense

Organically grown


Symphytum uplandicum

Organically Grown

4 ounces ~ $7.00

1 pound ~ $22.00


4 ounce ~ $10.00

1 pound ~ $26.00



Linden Flowers

Tilia cordata

Wildcrafted or Organically Grown

Returning in Late Summer 2010

 Many more nourishing and tonifying plants are available seasonally.

4 ounces ~$15.00

1 pound ~ $46.00


Please contact us if you wish to find out which ones we have available.Here is a list of many of herbs that we grow and wildcraft.

Wild Rose Hips, Dandelion Leaf

and Root, Burdock Root and Seeds, Yarrow,Western Red Cedar boughs, Lomatium Seed, Hawthorne flowers,

and more.

Nourishing Herbal Vinegars

We are delighted to now be offering Nourishing Herbal Vinegars.  Our vinegars are medicinal strength and are made with apple cider vinegar and fresh sustainably grown or wildcrafted herbs.  We have a variety of different ones from which to choose.  These nourishing herbal vinegars are offered seasonally and so what's offered changes with the seasons. 

Right now we have,

Stinging Nettle, Douglas Fir, Dandelion Flower, Burdock Root, Dandelion Root,

Pine Needle, Motherwort.

When ordering these vinegars, send a separate email to us to let us know which vinegars you would like.

Nourishing Herbal Vinegars

5 ounce bottle ~ 9

3 bottles ~ $24




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We offer the following dry herbs for herbal infusion:

Organic Stinging Nettle

Wildcrafted Stinging Nettle

Organic Oatstraw

Garden Oatstraw

Organic Red Clover

Organic Comfrey

Wildcrafted Rose Hips

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Email us and we will reply with our current prices. 

Thanks and Green Blessings, Julie


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