Kefir Culture

This beautiful, mineral-rich, beneficial bacteria culture is alive with nourishment.

Kefir is so simple to make. Put culture in milk. 

Let it sit at room temperature for 24 hours.

Shake occassionally and strain.

Many people use this to culture fruit juices as well.  

The photos below show a quart jar of the kefir culture mixed with raw goat milk, sitting on my kitchen counter.  In front of that are 4 little jars of kefir culture in water.  The photo on the right is a close up of one of these jars.  You can see the little kefir pearls in the water.  When you order kefir from me you will receive one of these little jar of kefir culture. 

There are many different milk cultures throughout the world. I offer you this kefir culture. I would not be without its deep nourishment.  I eat kefir everyday on oatmeal and other whole grain cereal and I cook with it, using it in recipes

that call for milk.

It will not only last a lifetime if it is well cared for,it will last for generations.  Milk (especially organic milk) cultured with beneficial bacteria enhances the functioning of our digestive, nervous and immune systems. The amount of calcium in the milk is increased by half.  Kefir will actually protect the intestines and keep bacteria that isnot beneficial from taking up residence.  Women who eat a quart of kefir a week have 75-80% fewer bladder and vaginal infections. 

This is truly the food of the Goddess.

 Comes with instructions and recipes.

Kefir Culture

1 jar of Kefir Pearls ~ $27.00

Kefir Culture

3 jars of Kefir Pearls ~ $75.00

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