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Hollyhock ~ Abundance

Motherwort~ Triple Goddess

Wild Rose ~ Love and Beauty

Our Stinging Nettle Harvest

Wild Red Rose Hips

Fireweed Seed Fluff

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Women and Plants

Shamanic Herbal

Apprenticeship Program


Comprehensive immersion in the shamanic herbal tradition of the wise woman.

Our next session begins, September 10-11, 2016.

We gather together, one weekend a month, Saturday and Sunday, 10:30-5:00.



Red Clover ~ Nourishes our Bloodline


Malva neglecta ~ Invisible


Lomatium Nudicale ~ Native Whidbey Island Plant

The Entrance to the Fairy Dell


Mama Goat, Fille Luna and Mandy







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Have you a desire to live your life fully and nourish yourself deeply?

Do you wish to study the most ancient herbal healing tradition and connect with others on this path?


Come join me for these programs...

Women and Plants ,

Shamanic Herbal Apprenticeship Program

Herbal Wisdom Circle~13 Month Program

Compassionate Nature of Plants,

13 month Home Study Course in Shamanic Herbalism

Have You Asked the Trees?

7 Week Home Study Course in Shamanic Herbalism

Browse to our Crow's Laughter Mystery School

pages for lots more offerings at our farm

on South Whidbey Island and around the Puget Sound Area.

What a powerful time we live in. What a beautiful and delicate time. What an incredible opportunity we have before us.What will we choose this year? How will we live? We invite you to dance with us on the spiral path of health, wholeness and holiness.

Within this website, you will find nourishing and healing products, wise woman teaching in shamanic herbalism as well as writings to inspire your journey of peace and power.
Welcome, dear lovers of the green, welcome.

Green Blessings,

Julie Charette Nunn, Crow’s Daughter


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