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Herbal eBooks

I have written many Herbal “eBooks” over the years. An eBook is writing that I send to you electronically through email. 

Sometimes they are essays about the seasons and the earth and often they are about a specific plant.

Many of these “eBooks” include recipes for herbal crafting and also shamanic listening exercises for connecting more deeply with each plant.

I am offering them to you for $5.00 each

The way to order is to click on the PayPal button and add as many as you would like to the cart. 

Then Click Here to send me an email with the list of eBooks you would like. 

Herbal eBook-$5.00

  • Evergreens are Most Potent in the Dead of Winter
  • Cottonwood Tree Teacher
  • Dandelion Flower-Herbal Infused Oil
  • Fermentation, Gut Wisdom and Listening to Intuition
  • The Green Teachings of the Fairies
  • Harvesting Nettle
  • Hawthorne-Lover of Life
  • I am the Hawk Soaring Over the Land
  • I will Tend and Water and Pray and Sing
  • Ignited in Me Was the Wise Woman
  • Journey of the Rose-A Shamanic Herbal Tale in Three Parts
  • Shadow and Light
  • The Practice of Shamanic Herbalism
  • Oatstraw-Goodness in the Garden
  • Nourishing Herbal Infusion
  • Nourishing with Rose
  • Rose Petal Honey Electuary
  • St. Joan’s Wort-Soul’s Journey
  • Summer Solstice Plants
  • Cheese Making-From Plant to Animal
  • Cedar Teacher
  • Burdock Root Teacher
  • Dandelion Root-A Potent Ally
  • Herbal Salve Making
  • Making Herbal Preparations the Wise Woman Way
  • Embodiment of Summer
  • Darkness and Stillness of the Ancient Ones
  • Autumn’s Questioning

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