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Summer’s End ~ Passionate Abundance

Summer’s End ~ Passionate Abundance ~Pain Your Aliveness

The Earth is fruiting. This passionate revelation offers us a creative palate to paint our aliveness.

  • Make a list of all the plants you know that are growing very close to where you live. Write the name of each one on a seperate piece of paper.
  • With paints, crayons, colored pencils, and/or markers make three, large drawings.
  • As you make these drawing focus mostly on color. (Don’t worry about detail)
  • The first drawing with all the colors of the plants that you listed.
  • The second drawing with all the colors in the sky.
  • The third drawing with all the color of the earth.
  • Lay these drawings outside on the earth, the one with plant colors in the middle, sky above and earth below.
  • Now quickly with somewhat reckless abandon, begin to place the plant names on this area where you intuitively feel they belong. (Don’t think about it too much.)
  • Lay down next to the drawings with plant names laid out all over.
  • Notice how each plant corresponds to your body.
  • Make notes if you like.
  • Offer gratitude.

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