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Embodiment-Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice ~ Embodiment ~ Mid-June through end of July

Earth is fully alive and awake above and below the ground now. Sun shines bright over all of creation. The intricacies of this reflects for us our inner natures. Discovering the intricacies of our own embodiment on Earth allow us to fully express who we are in the world.

  • Go outside.
  • Choose a plant you love to which you will connect.
  • Sit or stand very near this plant.
  • Notice your breath, breathing three breaths naturally.
  • Begin to breathe, acknowledging that you are breathing in the breath of this plant and breathing out offering your breath to it. You will breathe 21 breaths with this plant.
  • Notice that as you breathe in and out with this plant, a connection is forming. As you receive the breath of this plant and offer your breath, so this plant is breathing in your breath and offering its breath to you. Imagine an infinite flow of breath and energy between the two of you.
  • Now feel your presence on the Earth, continuing to acknowledge that you are breathing with this plant. Feel the fullness and wholeness of each of your cells as you receive nourishment from the Earth.
  • Breathe into this presence, acknowledging the consciousness of it for 21 breaths.
  • Now open your eyes and walk.
  • Pay attention to each step, feeling the ground under your feet, listening to the sound of your feet touching the Earth.
  • Walk for awhile, fully present to yourself, your breath and Earth.
  • When this is complete, give thanks to the plant, the Earth and to yourpresence in the world.

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