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Shamanic Mentorships

Shamanic Mentorships:

These sessions are now available in person, on ZOOM or on the phone.

Shamanic Mentorships include:

  • Individual Sessions at our Farm on Whidbey Island if you are local.
  • Individual Sessions on the Phone if you are at a distance.

These shamanic mentorships offered as individual sessions.  You can begin at any time.

  • Tree of Life-Mentorship in Shamanic Herbalism: This mentorship is 12 months long.  This mentorship is unique to each person.  We will develop it through your intentions. Things that can be explored: developing intimacy with the land where you live, new perspectives on life and your path, healing that is substantial because it shines a light on your beauty, herbalism, the old way, allowing the plants to teach and heal you, shamanic herbalism  teachings, shamanic healing, how to develop a shamanic practice, developing sacred livelihood, singing, listening…intuitive guidance.  What is offered in each mentorship? The trees will guide you , offering you wisdom and connection.  Nature and the plants will be your teacher.

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