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Green Witch School

This program has been incorporated into our Women and Plants~Shamanic Herbal Apprenticeship Program.  For now, we are not enrolling this program seperately.

“I was reminded that I was not alone while regaining a piece of myself that I had unconsciously been missing terribly.”

“This course teaches you how to make the connection with the plants and trees in a way that helps you to deepen your relationship with your true self.”

“Your program brought herbalism into daily life.”

You will learn from the plants, not just about the plants!

This monthly circle at our farm on Whidbey Island, includes a delicious lunch. More details below.

Green Witch School offers:

  • Green Witch School Circles-Saturdays-11:00-3:00 (Approximately)  Begin with the Journey of the Rose-Immersion Day (a little longer day)
  • Shamanic listening with the plants, simple practices where you can hear the plants voices and receive wisdom.
  • The practice of listening, connecting, gathering, preparing and utilizing herbs for nourishment and healing.
  • Herbal preparations that you made from plants you gathered yourself. You will also learn king-applehow to make other herbal preparations simply at home.
  • Simple ways to utilize plants for nourishment and healing.
  • Identifying and harvesting wild plants. Many of these most likely grow in your yards and gardens.
  • The art of wildcrafting.
  • Learning how to harvest plants in all seasons and the gifts each season brings to our wholeness.
  • Nourishing herbal infusions. You will learn to make these at home and the great benefits.
  • Talking stick circle.
  • A gourmet whole and wild foods lunch made entirely from scratch from organic, local ingredients is provided.
  • Opportunity to gather with like minded folks who treasure our earth as much as you do.
  • Vibrant conversations about wise woman ways, healing and in depth discussions about herbs and their uses.
  • Assignments to do at home.
  • Written materials.
  • A ceremony of completion
  • So much more….

“Refreshed, renewed and enlivened”

Cindy’s Story
“Joining Julie’s Herbal Wisdom Circle (Now called Green Witch School) was the best gift I could have given myself this past year, a year in which I had incredibly high demands on me as a college instructor and mother of three. As I drove over to the island each month, I could literally feel the stress lifting off of me as I looked forward to connecting to the land and plants again. The time in circle with other like-minded souls was connecting and affirming, allowing me to center back into the moment and opening me up for receiving the deep and personal messages that the plants offered me on our shamanic journeys. I always felt refreshed, renewed and enlivened at the end of each afternoon,
re-committed to being outside with our plant friends more often in my every day life and sharing my love of the outdoors with my children. I also learned how accessible this link to the plants is to me – all I need to do is to travel into my own yard and listen to what my own plant community surrounding my home has to offer. This course teaches you how to make this connection with the plants and trees in a way that helps you to deepen your relationship with your true self. The gourmet whole foods meal prepared by Julie, that included a wild plant salad harvested by ourselves, was the most delicious and wholesome way to close the day. Taking home the herbal extracts that we made in this class allowed me to carry a tangible gift from the plants back into my every day life, where they continue to nourish me and my family in the greatest, greenest of ways. I highly encourage you to give yourself this nurturing experience to help bring nature back home to you to share with those you love, especially and including yourself.”
Cindy Wenner, Mother, Professor, Tantric Dance Teacher


“I was reminded that I was not alone while regaining a piece of myself that I had unconsciously been missing terribly.”

Suzanne’s Story

“Over the past 13 months, the Herbal Wisdom Circle has been a tremendous gift. In high school I came across this amazing truth while reading Ralph Waldo Emerson…’The greatest delight which the fields and woods minister is the suggestion of an occult relation between man and the vegetable. I am not alone and unacknowledged. They nod to me, and I to them.’And realized I was not alone in my feelings while in Nature.Being on Julie’s land transported me back to my childhood in rural Maryland where I communed with Nature. And, again, I was reminded that I was not alone while regaining a piece of myself that I had unconsciously been missing terribly. My only wish is that I had had access to the knowledge that Julie so generously passed along 30 years ago when I was on the land of my childhood. Oh, how many wild roses there were!
with love, S R-L, Participant, Herbal Wisdom Circle ~13 Month Program, 2009-2010

“I  learned how to engage freely with nature.”

P.P’s Story

“Julie is foremost an herbalist who offers her extensive knowledge about herbs and “weeds” on both a practical and spiritual level. As a participant in the Herbal Wisdom Circle ~ 13 Month Program, I learned how to engage freely with nature. Julie and her Whidbey Island land created an environment conducive for me and other participants to learn and heal through the wisdom of what the earth offers to us.”
P.P. , Herbal Wisdom Circle ~ 13 Month Program Participant, 2009-2010


“Your program brings herbalism into daily life”

Denise’s Story

“This kind of experience is not in a book, it is in the tending of the garden, walking on your land, gathering the salad greens and passing the talking stick. Your program brings herbalism into daily life. I didn’t have to ‘check my life at the door’ In fact it was necessary that I bring it in and let the plants have a look at it. ”
Denise Paulette, completed our Women and Plants, Shamanic Herbal Apprenticeship Program

“Rose has opened an unexpected portal in my spirit.”

R.N.’s Story
“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. for such a beautifully sacred experience with rose.
I feel as if Rose has opened an unexpected portal in my spirit and she is beckoning me through.”R.N., Seattle Therapist

“Healing and Enlightening”

“We learned about Rose through a traditional approach, while we also learned from Rose through deep attention. The immersion was both healing and enlightening.”
A local Whidbey Island artist, about The Journey of the Rose

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