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Herbal Tinctures

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Herbal Tinctures
The stories of the plants here are as old as the hills. There are many uses for the plants below, I have listed a few.

Elecampane Root-contains inulin which support healthy gut flora, good for someone with a respiratory challenge that is related to the lungs.
St. Joan’s Wort-calming support for the nervous system, pain-relieving, anti-viral, a good overall tonic for calming and focusing.
Echinacea-anti-infective, so good to use with the appearance of any infection, such a good plant to use for stopping a cold at the beginning when it is starting.
Motherwort-Calming for anxiety and the nervous system. Also a heart tonic and uterine tonic. Very versatile for women’s issues of all ages including during menopause.
Wild Rose-Anti-viral, calming for the nervous system and the heart. Rose helps us to get into the space of healing. wild rose blossom
Burdock Root-Rich in inulin which nourishes gut flora, helps heal the skin slowly but surely. A good liver tonic.
Hawthorne Flower-From our very own tree. Calms and Regulates the heart. Helps us to heal from heart ache.

Hawthorne Berry-A tonic for the blood, for circulation and for the heart.  A connection with our moon cycle.

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