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Weaving Wholeness with Sister Spinster Stinging Nettle

Weaving Wholeness with Sister Spinster Stinging Nettle

A Home Study Course

If there was a plant who’s time had come, this is it and it is now! Nettle!

Nettle is the most nourishing of all plants. Nettle is about change. Nettle replenishes our energetic systems deeply without much fanfare. Nettle is food. Nettle is fierce and will sting you if you aren’t paying attention. Nettle is the initiation of spring. Nettle will change you.

In this home study course, I wish to share with you the beauty, the nourishment and power of nettle to support substantial change.

I am inspired to share with you in the way this year, because of all the changes, I have been through personally and also the changes we have faced in our world.

Nettle says, “Come, hither—I will nourish you.”

Nettle says, “Pay Attention”

This is a hands-on experiential class. There will be experiences for you to do outside and inside, herbal crafting instructions with nettle, and a ceremony of wholeness at our second ZOOM gathering.

Here are the details for Weaving Wholeness with Sister Spinster Stinging Nettle:

  • There will be open enrollment until April 14, 2021.    You can sign up anytime between now and April 14.
  • This home study course will be filled with herbal lore, spirit listening journeys, herbal crafting recipes and wildcrafting guidance.
  • Listening connections and herbal practices with stinging nettle will facilitate a deep and intimate connection with yourself.
  • You will connect with what is very near you, cultivating a deep sense of being home in nature.
  • There will be lots of seasonal wisdom about the earth and plants including other plants that share earth space with nettle.
  • There will be two Zoom gatherings—April 14, 2021 and April 21, 2021
  • There will be a wholeness ceremony at the second gathering
  • And things yet to be revealed…
  • The tuition is $99.


Weaving Wholeness with Sister Spinster Stinging Nettle-Home Study Course

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