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Sprouting Like a New Green Plant

Spring Equinox ~ Mid-March through April
This is the time of new growth, of sprouting. Growing and growing, coming alive to our wholeness. The plants mirror the ever-changing nature of being human.

Sprouting like a new green plant:

  • Planting seeds~Directly in the earth, in your garden. ***See below if you do not have a garden.
  • Choose seeds that grow well during this time of year, Spring Equinox through May 1st.
  • Follow the instructions on the seed packets for planting.
  • After you have planted your seeds, go outside on the earth, anywhere you feel at home.
  • Imagine you are one of the seeds you just planted. Listen and breathe into this energy. What are you experiencing? You can write about it, draw, collage…choose a way of expressing what you are experiencing.
  • Each day, visit the plants your have seeded, tending them.
  • And each day, imagine you are one of these seeds, again listening and breathing into this, what are you experiencing now? Continue to express what you are experiencing.
  • When you have completed this exercise, offer gratitude for the the new life within the 
seeds and within you.
  • ***You can also do this with a tree that is just getting its leaves.

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