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Seasonal Listening-From Invisible to Visible

Greetings, Lovers of the Green,

I am sharing here a few poems I wrote around this time of year and also a shamanic listening exercise related to the emerging green and this liminal time of year between invisible and visible.

Introduce Yourself to the World
There is a slight stirring in the garden
these past few days.
As our frozen Earth warms,
I have enjoyed venturing out
to look for plants emerging
from the dark soil.
Just a little bit here so far,
catnip, oregano, bergamot,
lady’s mantle, oxe-eye daisy,
And there is this feeling I get
when I pass the rose hips thorns…
‘can’t wait, can’t wait’….’I’m ready, I’m ready’
This is what it must feel like to be preparing
for manifestation in the world.
All that work in the underworld
is being stirred in a giant cauldron of worldly soup.
What we wished and prayed for…
what we developed, enhanced and transformed….
and what we began can now make itself known
in this new world.
I think an introduction is in order.
Whatever it is you are initiating this year,
take some time to present it to the world.
Talk about your dreams now,
tell stories of your visions for this new year
Create ceremonies of fiery passion,
Allow vulnerability to be present,
This new world, nothing like it ever before,
Nothing like it ever again.

May it be in Beauty.


A Cup of Green
happy to say
i got the poppy seeds
planted in time this year
the cold soil inspires
their growth.
poppy is such
a wicked witch
i use her seeds
in breads
a few years ago
i dried some poppy heads
and was pleased that the tops
never opened
to release the seeds
this produced
little poppy head rattles
i use these rattles
to listen
gentle sounds
delicate instrument
wild divinatory medicine

strong and subtle
energies of spring equinox
dance through my mind
they are like the new
green poppy leaves
rising up out of the soil
almost invisible still
just a little bit of
green now

Earth holds our world
in her cup
She unfurls
her newness and invites
us into her open hand

this subtle life giving container
that holds the spring
invites me to soften my hold
on the seriousness of the world
and open myself
to the beauty around me

it is the child
that is creating us
the delicacy that yearns
for the sun on her leaves
and conjures
a bright red flower
bold green fruits
and goddess wand

May it be in Beauty.

Shamanic Listening Exercise

Outside on the Earth: Walk on the land for awhile. What is emerging? Look for green, buds, little tiny plants, and each time you see something, breathe with it for seven breaths. Listen to the land. Offer gratitude when you are complete.

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