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21 Days of Rose ~ Home Study

Dear Companions of the Rose,

I am delighted to offer you this home study course so that you may receive inspiration, healing and nurturance from rose. I have been communing with rose my entire life and as an herbalist for over 20 years, I have been listening with her, gathering her and crafting her into herbal concoctions. The wisdom that rose share, the teaching is beautiful and at times fierce. I look forward to connecting with you through this course.

You are going to be listening a lot during this course, quiet and listening.

We begin on May 22, 2019

Here is a sampling from Day 1:

21 Days of Rose ~ Day One

  • You will begin outside near the roses. Find a good patch where you can do the shamanic listening exercises and where you can eventually gather roses.
  • Stand before the roses so that you are not too close to them but not too far away either.
  • Notice your breath and then notice the roses.
  • Allow yourself to be in the landscape with rose….

And the instructions go on for your first connection with rose in this course.

The cost for 21 days of rose is $21.


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