I have been experiencing some miraculous benefaction in my life right now. And, I have also been experiencing some extremely frustrating and angry feelings at the same time.

What has happened? I have been having some light headedness and dizziness lately. And the thing is that I have been on a journey to drink nourishing herbal infusion, a quart, everyday. I have been doing this for about three weeks now. So I have been asking myself, what is happening with me? Why am I feeling so good and so bad at the same time?

The other night before I went to bed, I asked for guidance from my sources of connection and spirit. I had been wondering if I should go to a doctor or naturopath or some kinds of practitioner like that to seek help and advice. And then I had a dream. In the dream I am standing and looking at a table. And I hear a voice loud and clear say, “Contacting a physician at this time would be detrimental to your health.” I look at the table and there was a large book and inside it was a smaller book, tucked into it. I wasn’t sure this voice was talking to me in the dream but clearly it was a message for me.

I woke up with a feeling of relief. That a fear was taking over my thoughts that I had to do a certain thing for myself and so I asked for help. And I GOT it!

Today I felt kinda angry again about my life, my work and my physical situation. I felt like “I should know how to do this life by now!” So I sat and quieted my mind a bit. And I got that I should get up and have a cup of tea. So simple.

Sometimes my mind takes me down a road where I start to feel like I am not doing enough, or good enough, or contributing enough etc. etc. Have you ever felt like this?

What I have learned from this beneficent message is that all we need to do is ask for help and it will be given. All we need to do is live moment by moment in what we feel is the best path for ourselves and we will be guided.
It seems like we should do more for our country and our world than that, doesn’t it?! Shouldn’t we go out and protest and yell at people who are racists or gun advocates? Well, perhaps that is what is required for you to do.
And….being quiet and listening to the beneficent messages about what path to take can lead us to what we need to do.

Perhaps it is making music or art. Perhaps it is tending your garden. Perhaps it is listening to your loved one share feelings. Perhaps it is offering healing to someone who requires your help. Perhaps it is teaching others to communicate with the plants…..and perhaps yelling IS the right path.

Its about listening and allowing ourselves to be guided.

May it be in Beauty.