May 28, 2024: The earth is so green this year with so much rain.  The wild roses are blooming.  The birds are so happy.  Soon after I returned to this writing last year amidst the devastation in Maui, I began to communicate with the Banyan Tree.  I have returned to it many times since then.  What it told me recently was that all suffering comes from within.  That to heal the suffering of our world, we must heal ourselves.  May it be in Beauty.

I return to this writing from six years ago.  Lahaina and Maui have been devastated by fire.  I am grieving the loss of so much in nature and I still trust that Earth will endure. What is our path forward with this?  Who are we as Earth?  May it be in Beauty. (August 15, 2023)


“In Wildness is the Preservation of the World” Henry David Thoreau

Outside, as I sat under my apple tree, I heard a high pitched shrieking coming from the Douglas fir trees. I went to investigate and discovered a little squirrel high up in the branches of the tree. It darted quickly around on the branch and so innocently looked at me and then away. I was glad to see this little creature coming to announce itself.

I found this experience to be refreshing, just like the rain that fell on us as we sang and gathered for apprentice circle under the apple tree. This experience of wildness is what I am tending here at our farm.

The experience of wildness is an experience of presence in nature. There is listening and at times then, there is wisdom shared. The requirement is to be quiet and be open. And to be a little bit of a lunatic. (the old definition of this is one who worships the moon.)

Recently, in our world, there have been fires, floods and hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes. There has been much speculation about why we are seeing such extreme weather. Is Mother Nature angry? Is this climate change? Is this a punishment? What is happening?

As a shamanic practitioner, I have journeyed to discover wisdom about these occurrences. I have also connected with others who are doing this. The wisdom that is shared is very different than my questions above. The fires told me that they are bringing wisdom, beauty and healing. The trees told me that they are burning but they are not afraid.

I have decided to see all of the extremes of nature and weather as wildness.
If we are to really be steward of our Earth, we must be Earth. We are not separate. We are interconnected with all of life, including fires, and hurricanes and long dry summers, and torrential rains. We are the innocence of the squirrel and the courage of the trees. We are the mystery.

May it be in Beauty.