do we have to understand everything?
once long ago,
I was afraid to be around other herbalists

Have you ever smelled a Canadian thistle flower?

everyone knew more than me
Then I was struck
with the notion
I would be “She Who Does Not Know”.
everyone knew things
I didn’t feel
like I knew anything
this was the beginning
of the path.
I became open to learning

after 20 years
I still feel
like a babe in the woods
it take seven lifetimes
to become an herbalist
I don’t have to rush
When I moved here to this land
I didn’t know
there was over an acre
of wild roses here
I didn’t know
I would become
“she who shares the teachings of rose”
I didn’t yet know
the vastness
of wild rose healing
I am different
than I used to be
I make decisions
through my intuition
do you pay attention to the phases of the moon?
the moon heightens intuition
and there is so much not to know

May it be in beauty.