Almost one year ago, I signed up for a course to rebuild my website. With the help of Heather, my accountability partner and advocate, I am almost done. Through this process, I have returned to my current website and seen how beautiful it is in many ways. The colors, the leaves to signify the different sections, all the photos and everything. I have loved this website.

And for the last at least five years I have been unable to do much to it. I can change the html to change the dates, but that is it. There is a lot on it that is wonderful and I still receive positive feedback about it. But is has become less and less of who I am now as an herbalist and teacher. It reflects my passion but not my updated current passion.nettle-some-purple

In creating this new website, I am just learning how to utilize Word Press in order to rebuild. So everything is a little raw. And I feel a vulnerability about this. I am seeing how creating this website myself has allowed me to show my vulnerability and be honest about who I am as an herbalist.
There is the giant nettle plant on the home page, with a little bit of buttercup and grass around the edges. It’s not a professional photo of nettle, its nettle with some insects holes. Buttercup is a poisonous plant and thought by many to be troublesome because of this and that it appears to be invasive. The buttercup has communicated with me that it brings compassion. The grasses have told me they are about consciousness.
My new website is simpler and wilder. It is so much more of who I am as an herbalist and human being.
Being a wise woman/shamanic herbalist and growing deeper and deeper into the practice of that has led me to be more honest and to keep seeing how to practice honesty, to reveal more and more about who I am.
Being a teacher of shamanic herbalism and wise woman ways has inspired and challenged me to share my self explorations and to guide in a way that allows people to discover more and more of who they are.
When my website was created for me by a wonderful woman, Gail LaForest, I was still trying to fluff up my feathers about being an herbalist. This is a common thing in any profession. We practice the art of “fake it ’til you make it”. I still had fear and doubt that teaching people to listen and receive wisdom from plants was a legitimate way to be an herbalist.
Now, I see how vital this way of connecting with plants is to our herbal community and our world. Even though at times, I still think I would be respected more if I was a clinical herbalist, I know that my voice is important. Because it is the voice of the trees, it is the voice of the ancient ones, it is the voice of the wise woman.
I am so grateful for the lineage of wise women who has come before me….EagleSong, Susun Weed and the plants themselves who are my deepest and most precious teachers. I am grateful for my husband, Tadd, my catalyst and my beloved. And there are the women who have come to study and are studying with me. I am grateful for their courage, their passion and their love of the earth.
I dedicate this website to all who have supported me to be honest and share my vulnerability as a way of sharing strength and wildness.
May it be in Beauty.