Winter Solstice Blessings to Everyone!

Seven years ago, I wrote these haiku over a period of thirteen days near the Winter Solstice.

Crow in Cottonwood Tree

May the darkness comfort you and may you find illumination and radiance.

May it be in Beauty.

Peace and Abundant Green Blessings, Julie


Haiku #1

Swiftly Moving Wind
What is not needed blows away
Deeply rooted like trees

Haiku #2

Quiet Earth speaks of winter
Words are felt not seen in a wind-swept dialect
Stillness come eventually

Haiku #3

Laughing out loud
What’s been is gone
Smiling at what is

Haiku #4

Love’s eternal mind kindles
In the dark cave of mystery, in the seed on the cold earth
She calls, she sings

Haiku #5

Compassion is a small voice
Look deeply into the eyes of the night
Wisdom invisible

Haiku #6

Night full of stars
Vast inside as well as out
Golden preparation

Haiku #7

The night is long
Close to the ground, close to the earth, there is a vibration
Holy, holy, holy

Haiku #8

Colors of the night
a palette of deep treasure
trees whisper

Haiku #9

Song of the night
Nocturnal blessing be
Laughter let out

Haiku #10

Ground swell
Rebirth of spirit, sap rising early
See through

Haiku #11

Hardness dissolves into love
There is but one motive
Listen for it

Haiku #12

Peace is here
Holy union between earth and sky, wisdom voices heard
Night becomes day

Haiku #13

Toward a better life
Simple peaceful presence, every breath
Tree talk