Crafting Wild Rose-Herbal Infused Oil

Making herbal infused oil with rose is one of my favorite preparation. You can make infused oil from garden roses as well. (It won’t be quite as potent.)

  • You will need organic olive oil, a jar with a wide mouth, a lid, label and pen.
  • Go to where the wild roses are growing in abundance. Take some time to breathe 
with the rose and see what they have for you.
  • Ask the wild roses for permission to gather. Wait for an answer.
  • Gather wild rose leaf and flower, some blossoms and buds, enough to fill your jar.
  • If there has been rain, wait at least two days before gathering. (You can lay the rain soaked roses in a flat basket for a day or two also. Make sure they are dry.)
  • Cut the wild rose up into small pieces.
  • Fill your jar about 2/3 full. Pour olive oil over this to the very top.
  • Put a lid on this and shake up and down.
  • Label this with name and date and an inspiration you had while gathering. Put this on a plate. (Infused oils tend to ooze evenly when tightly capped.)
  • Let this sit for six weeks away from direct sunlight and strain. The oil will soak into the plant, so you will need to keep an eye on it and put more olive oil in the jar so that the oil covers the plant entirely.
  • Place a clean cloth over a strainer (I use dish cloths that have warn out a bit.) Empty everything in the jar into this. Wrap the cloth around the herb and squeeze out all the oil. Don’t squeeze every bit out as you don’t want a lot of moisture in this.
  • Pour this healing oil into a beautiful glass bottle.
  • The delicate, subtle and exquisite nature of rose is revealed in this herbal concoction.
  • Give thanks for the wild roses.


Wild Rose infused oil is softening for the skin. It is beautifully healing.

People have experienced healing with it when nothing else would work.

May it be in Beauty.

Peace and Abundant Green Blessings, Julie