Wisdom to Hold Ground ~ Written July 9, 2007

I found this poem I had written a number of years ago. This energy, this wisdom, this wild gardening life is still with me.  It has evolved, strengthened and transmuted over the years.  And I am so grateful.

Sow thistle seed heads look like moons.

sun filled world
bright days wild
dark nights
potent with
what shall be
what is

our garden is wild
with weeds
nourishing foods
potent medicines
and deeper callings allow
less time for a perfect garden
how is this helping
some deeper yearning?

wild peas grow all over this year
purple blossoms spreading
intertwining with planned plants
returning nitrogen to the soil
we are in need of this here
the soil calls for more food
to strengthen her

Red Dock grows strong and is also subtle.

two weeds growing
in raucous abundance
Sow thistle leaves
are mineral rich
wonderful in salads
as they flower
our goats gorge on them
little mallow is spreading far and wide
thought it would be so nice to invite her to
a little corner
of the pumpkin patch
she didn’t stay in the corner
for long
stretching out in all directions
carpeting the soil
with her heart-shaped leaves
and delicate pink flowers
delicious in salad and
enough for herbal vinegar
she soothes our insides

more weeds

dandelion ~ wise woman plant
plantain ~ bee sting plant
lamb’s quarters ~ better than spinach
chickweed ~ in the shade of the potatoes
burdock ~ yang/wild woman plant
shephard’s purse ~ midwives plant
red dock ~ my power plant
yellow dock ~ iron-rich liver lover
red clover ~connects us with our bloodline
butter cup ~ poison tenacious plant
self heal ~ subtle chakra teacher

this year as I look
in the mirror
of my garden
I see
the intertwining fertility
of my most alive self
abundant graciousness
of growing where I land
wisdom to hold ground
spreading green ways
all over the place

may it be in beauty