I have been reading and thinking, meditating and journeying, worrying and contemplating about the coronavirus. I have a great deal of curiosity about this circumstance. It appears that there is a crisis…a global crisis. It appears that there is a terrible thing going on. Is this true? What is really happening?
One of the things that I spend time on is shifting my perspective. When I am feeling scared, I allow myself to be afraid. I share my feelings and I also look at what is underlying in my consciousness. I can eventually come around to a curiosity of what is happening for me. Sometimes that takes a long time, sometimes not so long.

I like to read metaphysical writings, wise woman perspectives, transformational treatises and poetry. I spend a lot of time outside listening with the land and the plants. This helps me think outside the box.

I really want to reach out and connect with others during this time of transformation on our earth. (***see below)

I call this a transformation because of all that I have read and discussed with folks about the changes earth is going through and what that means for life on our planet. I don’t see things in an apocalyptic manner. My sense is that things are changing dramatically and that life as we know it is ending…and a new way of living is rising up. If you have been tuned into certain facets of society, you will know that people have been working with nature continuously. Indigenous wisdom has always been here. And Earth has always been available to teach us what is most needed to live vibrant, beautiful lives.

This rising up is not just happening all of a sudden, although it may appear that way. The way of listening and following intuition, of nurturing our land, tending our gardens, caring for each other in ways that generate more life…this way of living has been quietly happening all over the earth always.
You may have heard about terrible things going on from listening or reading the news. You may have been told by politicians that you can’t do this, or that that way of life is not allowed. You may have even been threatened for living in a way that you know is the best way to live. But within all of that, you kept going with what is yours to do. You haven’t given up because you know in your heart that the way to live is to love one another, to take care of the earth, the land, the animals, the plants. To be in relationship with life in a way that supports it to continue.

In returning to the coronavirus, is this yet another indication of transformation? As an herbalist, I know about certain plants that help to counter viruses and bacterial infections. I know about plants that support a healthy immune system. I know about plants that nourish and tonify us for good health. It is unclear what plants would be beneficial if such an illness were to occur with me or those close to me. The reason being that disease does not exist outside of a person. It is something that we interact with. And so each person who will have a challenge with this novel virus will require something a little bit different. (***See below)


Many herbalists have been writing about what plants would be good to use to heal this coronavirus. For educational purposes, I really appreciate reading everyone’s perspectives. And, it is not clear what plants would support someone until you know what their story is. What is happening? What would be best?

I think it is best to not know what is best. This way you are open to what could be beneficial.

What are you feeling about this circumstance?

What do you require right now?

Who are you with challenges that occur in our world?

How may you find curiosity in the middle of being fearful?

What might this global circumstance offer you and all of us?

What is your story about yourself related to all of this?

May it be in Beauty.


***This essay is intended to support a shift in perspective from fear to curiosity. Please know that I encourage everyone who is reading this to consult a health care practitioner if you are having health challenges that require support. There are plants that will heal upper respiratory challenges, lung challenges, fevers,bacterials infections etc.  There are many ways that these challenges manifest within us. What is happening with someone is the most important thing about healing.  If you are interested in particular herbs and their uses, please reach out to me with questions.  If you do have such a challenge, please know that you can ask for my help.

Sending abundant green blessings for your health and well being,

Julie Charette Nunn, Crow’s Daughter