One of the things that I have been wrestling with in my consciousness are the ways that people are seeking to create a “better”world. There is just so much information, explanations and analyzations of how bad the world is and how we have to do this and that to make it better. And not just the world, but our worlds, with seeking to change our minds, change our bodies and change our feelings. It is just too much.

Indian Beach on Camano Island

I woke up one morning a week or so ago and felt a sense of dread or hopelessness encroaching on my consciousness like a wet blanket. And I decided that I was determined to explore these feelings so that I may continue with the work I have to do and the life I have to live.

I have to be totally honest with what my situation is. I have a physical challenge with walking and that is kinda frustrating for me in a number of ways. And I continue to be with it and explore what needs to be done with it. Some days I totally accept this situation and other days I wish I could change it completely.

The reason I am prompted to write today is that I am seeking a pathway into Serenity Medicine. This is the “do nothing” step in the Seven Medicines healing form created by Susun Weed. It is the most basic and yet the most difficult medicine to work with, in my opinion. It is the medicine of trust and surrender. And yet it can be difficult because it is not about ignoring our current situation at all.

What if I was able to trust that my body, my being, knows just what to do to be present in the world and in my own world in a vibrant and optimal way? What if my consciousness knows what it needs completely? What if all I need to do is trust and listen? What if the message that is needed by me right now is being spoken to me right now and all I need to do is listen?

These last couple of years of being a shamanic herbalist, I have been called to be mostly at home, here on the land, very near to my home, very close to my garden, and the beings that are close at hand. The land, the plants and the trees have been my constant companions. My apple tree is one of the guardians of my space here. The power animal tree waves to me in the wind from across the land. The western red cedar gracefully holds space for my wholeness. And the roses spark wisdom teachings to me, permeating my consciousness.

I am here with everything within me and around me. And I feel like this is enough for me. I am grateful for this life and the riches that surround me and enfold me.

Right now there is a political fight going on in our country. There is talk of corruption in our government. There is fear and dread about the future of our world because of the chaos that comes with the media reporting about climate changes, fires, diseases, shootings, racism, sexism and on and on.

My heart hurts to know that others are hurting…the devastation that warring causes, people who are seeking refuge, animals devastated by fires, trees ripped from their rootedness, land damaged by greediness and those whose trauma is personal and secretive. What can I do to alleviate the suffering?

Skalitude Retreat Center in the Methow Valley-Fairy Congress

And as I seek an answer, I look within myself…What is going on within me? What is mine to do? Who am I? Is it necessary for me to know every little detail of life on our planet? Would it change the way that people act if I know more information? Is it important, in being a change maker, to read every single article about white supremacy, sexual assault, government corruption and climate disaster? Within what kind of world do I desire to live? How am I promoting that world by my actions?

I return to the idea of serenity again and again. “Do nothing”. I think this is a mind set more than an action. Quieting my mind…Emptying my mind of all the things that other people think I should do, that other people have on their lists to do. Being with my breath and feeling what I am feeling. I am enough. I am wholeness. I am here.

A week or so later….
I am returning to this writing after a week of practicing Serenity Medicine. What is most vital to me about this is that I am learning to listen to others. By allowing my being to be quiet and rest in beingness, I can listen more deeply to what others are saying and hear my own heart speak to me about what path to take.

Serenity medicine is the beginning. It is the first medicine. It isn’t the only way to heal. It is the way to return to over and over as we explore what healing is.

Serenity medicine is presence with everything. It is breath…rest…stillness. It is the receptivity of the present moment.

A few days later….An insight I am having as I ponder these questions more is that within each person, each being who is experiencing pain and suffering, there is also the place of serenity and beingness. Each situation has within it the possibility of transformation. To just focus on suffering and pain, devastation and hurt, we miss something. If I can find transformation and healing within my own grief, then this is happening within each being and I don’t need to do anything in order for that to take place.

“Do nothing” is the place of openness to what is possible.

Serenity Medicine cultivates the joy of existence.

May it be in Beauty.